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55 years
"My husband bought me the pills and that was when I realized that I am really horrible at home. Now I have been taking them for six months and I feel better, the most noticeable difference is in hot flushes that are virtually non-existent, I sleep much better and I feel better, because I experience a lot less mood swings and migraines. I’ve also noticed a difference in skin, it seems it got some of its glow back. Sometimes we must admit to ourselves that we need help, because hormones can really play a trick on us. I like the fact it contains natural hormones and I am not worried that I am putting my health at risk in any way."


"I've been suffering from many symptoms, particularly hot flashes and night sweats. This product really helped with the both! My hot flashes have decreased by 75%! They don't come as often, aren't as strong and don't last as long! The night sweats are about 1/2 as bad as they used to be but i am sleeping on a temperpedic pad and that does hold heat. I'm on my second bottle and will continue to use. I was really surprised that it stared to work with in a day of taking it...no word of a lie! I couldn't believe it but it started working that fast for me! I haven't noticed it working on my other symptoms but the two I mentioned are ones i was struggling with the most so I'm very happy!"


49 years
"I would like to recommend Femisol to all women who are affected by menopause. I was one of those women. At the end of every day I was so tired and sad, confused, constantly burning up, constant headaches... I knew I couldn’t go on like that, because it was not healthy for me and not for my husband. I am a bit afraid of hormone therapy and I decided to try something more natural and simple first. Someone recommended Femisol and now I have been using it for almost two months, and I feel rejuvenated. As if my life is mine again and I am enjoying it again. Highly recommended!"


"I have tried many products that promised so much and failed but your product came through with flying colors. I am thrilled to be losing weight at 66 yrs old. I am thrilled not to have acid reflux and I am thrilled to have finally found a product that does what it says it will do. Thank you from the bottom of my heart."


"Great product for hot flashes. I love this and can’t live without it."


53 years
"It really works! But I’d like to point out that you must take it for about a month to really feel the difference. It doesn’t do miracles, but it makes things a lot easier and makes life better –hormones still sometimes get the best of me, but it’s all much milder and a lot less frequent than it was at the beginning. I used to have 2-3 heat flushes every hour, with each one lasting for 5 minutes. I was dying! They ruined my day, because you cannot function professional at work and feel good, if you’re sweating like crazy in the middle of winter. Heat flushes are still here, but they are less frequent and shorter, so I am in control of my hormones and my life again."


"I️ use this for peri menopausal symptoms. Hot flashes/Nights sweats and irritability were my biggest problems. Hot flashes are virtually gone. And I️ am finding my mood has improved. Thank goodness for my husband’s sake! I️ highly recommend this supplement. I️ am hoping to get through the "change” with only Femsiol. Let’s see?"


49 years
"It was hard for me to accept that I am in my menopause, because I still feel a lot younger inside. As a director of a small-sized company and a grandmother to 3, I need a lot of energy and high spirits to get through every day. But then hormones started to get in the way, I started feeling so alone and lost, like I was spinning on a merry-go-round. Every day was crazy. Additionally, I started noticing deeper wrinkles on my skin, which became grey, and the hair lost its volume. So, in addition to feeling awful, I was not longer satisfied with my appearance either. I decided to do something about it and so I tried Femisol. And I really started to shine inside and out... just feeling better gave me the energy to cope with daily challenges and worries. Even my skin showed improvements."


47 years
"I have been using Femisol for over one month and I already see the difference, because I experience less hot flushes, particularly at night, when I can finally sleep like a normal person and don’t wake up in sweat. I also feel great and I get through the day easier. I know I have to wait a while longer to really feel the difference, but so far I’m impressed."


48 years
"I have been buying Femisol for six months now and I am happy. I won’t say that I don’t have any more symptoms, but they are less frequent. In my case this means I sleep better, I’m less confused and I experience less mood swings. And that’s just fine. The pills are small and tasteless, so it’s easy to swallow them. I am satisfied."


51 years
"Femisol saved me at some point in my life, when I could no longer cope with the changes around me and within me. Just by taking it every day I felt like I was doing something good for myself and I felt like I was taking back control of my body and my life. Even others noticed that I was feeling better, I started sleeping better and I was in a better mood. It also recommend it to my friends, menopause should not be something horrible, if we can do something about it."
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